Tuesday, August 1, 2017

College Process for Reviewing Applications to the Non-laboratory Scholarship/Research Support Program (NSRP).

This year the University is inaugurating the new Non-laboratory Scholarship/Research Support Program (NSRP). The University website for this program is at https://research.ncsu.edu/rdo/funding/internal-funding/nsrp/

Our office seeks to ensure that applications to the program are in proper form and that budgets are complete and compliant with University and college rules. We also would like to see proposals before they are submitted so as to avoid potential duplication of effort across projects. Because I, along with other associate deans, will be rank ordering these proposals, it would be very valuable to see these at the college level well before they are submitted.

With this in mind, we are very strongly recommending that all NSRP proposals be submitted first to the Research Office no later than August 31. You may mail them directly to me at tabirkla@ncsu.edu with a copy to Joyce Christian, at jjjones3@ncsu.edu.

We will consider later submissions, and we will certainly not block any proposals from being directly submitted to the University as called for in the RFP. But our review of proposals will strengthen them by providing useful feedback to proposers, both as to the form and substance of the proposal. 

Please direct any questions to me at tabirkla@ncsu.edu, or 919-513-1834. This program is brand new, and we--at the college and the University levels--are learning as we go about how best to manage the application process, so your feedback is important.