Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Call for Conference Proposals: Moral Psychology of Terrorism: Implications for Security (At ECU, April 2012)

Call for Conference Proposals
Moral Psychology of Terrorism: Implications for Security
April 19-20, 2012
East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina, USA

The terrorism of the past decade has been driven by the interface of psychology,
morality, faith, religion, and politics. This modern terrorism reflects terrorists’ pursuit of
their beliefs and even aggressive promotion of the exclusivity of their world-views at the
expense of the lives of those who do not share them. In this sense, the act of terrorism
is fueled by arguments of morality and views that are rooted in the psyches and beliefs
of terrorists.

Recent terrorism, wherever it spreads, under the banner of major monotheistic religious
traditions or Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism,  brings into the forefront the need to
better understand the moral psychology of terrorism. This need is more critical in the
areas where youths might be recruited and socialized or ‘brain-washed’ by terrorist
leaders. The heinous events committed by terrorists and sympathizers against the
citizens of New York,  London, Madrid, Bombay, and various cities of Pakistan and
Afghanistan further emphasize the need to understand terrorists’ moral psychology.
Examination of the moral psychology of terrorism opens up new insights into security
issues. Indeed, a link between the psychology of terrorism and security analysis must be
made. That is to say, terrorism and anti-terrorism measures must not be restricted to
political and military plans. Rather, identifying and addressing terrorism and its
implications for security requires that scholars and politicians delve deeper into the
psyches of terrorists to avoid further insecurity.

This is the fourth conference in a series on morality and terrorism. The Organizing
Committee invites scholars of psychology, political science, security studies, philosophy,
theology and all other relevant disciplines to participate. If finances are available, a
selection of the conference contributions will be published in a volume with the working
title: Moral Psychology of Terrorism: Implications for Security Issues. Otherwise the
accepted papers will be published on the conference website as conference

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2012 Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program Research Solicitation

The Intelligence Community Acquisition Research Center of the Department of Defense has announced the following postdoctoral research opportunity.  For more information, follow the steps provided below and contact the Grants Officer at . 

2012 Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program Research Solicitation # ICPDP-2012-0001: 
All information regarding this Program has been posted on the unclassified IC Acquisition Research Center (ARC) located at  If you are interested in this solicitation, please visit the website and follow the online instructions to either create a free account if you are a new user, or log in if you already have an existing account.  We wish you good luck and look forward to reading your proposals.
Below is additional information on how to access the Research Solicitation: 
2.  From here you can either create a new account or click the “Current IC Efforts” tab on the left side of the page.3. 
3.  Once you click the “Current IC Efforts” tab you will be prompted to log in.
4.  After you log in, you will see the current efforts that are posted. This particular program is listed under the “GSSA/BAA” tab and is entitled “ICPRFP12.” 
For more information, contact the Grants Officer at .

Monday, December 5, 2011

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI): Centers for Accelerated Innovations (CAI).

Colleagues, this will be of particular interest to folks studying behavioral interventions. While it may seem far afield from much of what CHASS faculty do, I believe that several of you will find this interesting--or will know of someone who will.
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) recently released a notice of intent to publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to establish Centers for Accelerated Innovations (CAI). The CAI will address the problems that hinder the critical, early steps necessary to translate novel scientific advances and discoveries into commercially viable diagnostics, devices, therapeutics, and tools that improve patient care and advance public health. 

The notice is provided to allow prospective applicants time to consider the CAI Program and develop essential collaborations and plans prior to submitting an application in response to the published FOA.  The FOA is expected to be published in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts in Spring 2012 with an expected receipt date in Fall 2012. The FOA will utilize the U54 funding mechanism, which is a cooperative agreement that requires significant interaction between the awardees and the NHLBI staff.  
More information about the upcoming FOA, may be found at the following link: 
 NHLBI welcomes your feedback on this important initiative.
The FOA is expected to be published in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts in Spring 2012 with an expected receipt date in Fall 2012.

Friday, December 2, 2011

NSF Dear Colleague Letter: CREATIV: Creative Research Awards for Transformative Interdisciplinary Ventures

Colleagues, this is a particularly promising announcement, and reflects some good new thinking at NSF. Please note that this initiative will support high-risk, high-potential projects and that the projects are approved by the program office, and do not go through merit review. With this in mind, please talk to your program officers, if you know them; if you don't, and have an idea, please talk to me for help on how to pitch the project.

NSF 12-011
Dear Colleague Letter - CREATIV: Creative Research Awards for Transformative Interdisciplinary Ventures
WEBCAST: On November 9, 2011, NSF Director Subra Suresh and the co-chairs of the NSF INSPIRE Working Group presented a live webcast about the new CREATIV grant mechanism. The co-chairs answered questions submitted by the audience. The archived webcast can be viewed at 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: The FAQ page for CREATIV is available at NSF 12-012. Some links to particular FAQs are in the text below.

CREATIV (Creative Research Awards for Transformative Interdisciplinary Ventures): a pilot grant mechanism under the Integrated NSF Support Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education (INSPIRE) initiative, to support bold interdisciplinary projects in all NSF-supported areas of science, engineering, and education research. 

The INSPIRE initiative was introduced by NSF Director Subra Suresh with the fiscal year 2012 NSF budget request to Congress. From his remarks ( "INSPIRE is aimed to encourage cross-disciplinary science. INSPIRE will help to break down any disciplinary barriers that may exist within NSF and encourage its program managers to use new tools, collaboration modes and techniques in the merit-review process to widen the pool of prospective discoveries that may be hidden from or circumvented by traditional means."

CREATIV is the first grant award mechanism under INSPIRE, and will be the only one launched in FY 2012. In brief, its distinguishing characteristics are: only internal merit review is required; proposals must be interdisciplinary and potentially transformative; requests may be up to $1,000,000 and up to five years duration (further details and specifications below). In the future, further announcements will be made regarding INSPIRE activities to be launched in FY 2013 and beyond. The funding for INSPIRE in future years is expected to increase substantially each year, reaching a steady state in FY 2016.

Fellowship and grant deadlines from the Social Science Research Council

Colleagues, please consider taking a careful look at these opportunities. It would be very good for CHASS to raise our profile at SSRC. 

A number of fellowship and grant deadlines are approaching: New Directions in the Study of Prayer Grants (December 1), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship(December 1), AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop Series (January 3), Drugs, Security and Democracy (DSD) Fellowship (January 20), and Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) Student Competition (February 1). 

Academy for Community and Civic Engagement, Auburn U.--Workshop Announcement

The Community and Civic Engagement Initiative within Auburn University's College of Liberal Arts announces the first annual Academy for Community and Civic Engagement for faculty throughout the southeast in the arts and humanities who are interested in incorporating civic engagement/service learning practices into their courses, outreach scholarship, and P & T documentation. ACCE will provide an intense 3-day workshop for successful applicants.
The purpose of the Academy for Community and Civic Engagement is:
  • To promote and develop community and civic engagement initiatives among faculty and colleges in the region;
  • To encourage faculty to develop courses with civic engagement/service learning experiences for students;
  • To foster collaborative teaching, research, and outreach efforts among faculty and across universities; and
  • To provide resources and support for community and civically engaged faculty.
For more information, contact Dr. Giovanna Summerfield, Associate Dean for Educational Affairs (email:, phone: 334-844-2890), or go to:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From InterAct: Essential Grants Skills Workshop

Colleagues, Jennie Renner-Yeomans, Development Officer and Grant Writer for Interact, sent this information to the Public Administration department's faculty and students, and I thought it might good to share with the college as a whole. I believe this conference is about programmatic grant writing; my sense is that it is not about writing grants for scholarly work, although the two fields do overlap. If you have any experience with this workshop, please let me know. 

InterAct has invited the Grantsmanship Center to come to Raleigh and offer  a two day Essential Grants Skills Workshop in February. We’re excited about the opportunity to learn from such a prestigious fundraising organization.

We are working to ensure a solid turnout at the conference on February 6th  and 7th.  I

Here are the details about the conference:

What: In conjunction with the Grantsmanship Center, InterAct is hosting a two day Essential Grant Skills Workshop 
When: February 6 and 7, 8:30 a.m- 4:30 p.m.
Where: InterAct’s Family Safety and Empowerment Center, 1012 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh, NC 27605
Cost: Tuition is for the Essential Grant Skills training is $445. To enroll, or for more information call, The Grantsmanship Center’s registrar at (800)421-9512 or visit

Monday, November 28, 2011

Call for Proposals from Undergraduate and Graduate Student Researchers Human Rights: Witnessing and Responsibility

Jeff Braden brought this to my attention; he learned of this from Tom Ewing of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech. You may have already seen this in other media, such as via email, but because there's a research component to this announcement, I thought our researchers would be particularly interested in this. Please share with your students and colleagues. Note that lodging will be provided for presenters. 

Call for Proposals from Undergraduate and Graduate Student Researchers

Human Rights: Witnessing and Responsibility
Dean’s Research Forum, January 27, 2012, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Virginia

The 21st century demands an interdisciplinary recognition of and a critical wrestling with ideas of human rights in our world, our communities, and our scholarship. As scholars, through our observations, investigations, and research, we are witnesses to a wide range of phenomena that validate and that also deny the human rights of people. Through our findings, interpretations, and conclusions, we, as scholars have a responsibility to the communities that our research serves. All scholarship produces knowledge that is both affected by people and that also deeply affects these communities. Research is both a witnessing and a responsibility. People and communities at home and abroad are inventing their futures in dignity and self-determination. We can learn from them and they can learn from our research. Bringing the best undergraduate and graduate research and creative work in the region together for a one-day conference, Human Rights: Witnessing and Responsibility, will serve as a space where we can investigate these connections across multiple disciplines.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Caribbean Region Climate Adaptation (CRCA) Partnership Initiative

Marian McCord from our Global Health group here at NCSU shared this with the campus community today. If you're interested, Marian has offered her help in pursuing this, and of course you can count on our assistance as well.


Request for Applications (RFA): 
Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA)/Caribbean Region Climate Adaptation (CRCA) Partnership Initiative

Date Issued: November 22, 2011
Deadline: February 22, 2012

Higher Education for Development (HED), in cooperation with USAID and the Office of Economic Policy and Summit Coordination at the U.S. Department of State, is issuing a request for applications for the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA)/Caribbean Region Climate Adaptation (CRCA) Partnership Initiative.

Higher Education for Development (HED) expects to make one (1) award of up to $770,500 for three (3) years for a higher education partnership between one U.S. institution and the University of the West Indies/Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (UWI/CERMES).  This partnership will build additional permanent, local capacity in the area of climate adaptation at UWI/CERMES. The partnership will focus on research and policy and will result in tangible products such as expanded research, outreach to policy makers, short-course development for academic, public and private sector audiences and strategic planning to secure long-term funding. It is expected that during the next three years UWI/CERMES will be internationally recognized as a Caribbean center of excellence in climate adaptation research and data collection and that this partnership initiative will help UWI/CERMES down that path. Through its academic offerings, expanded research, and graduate level degree programs and continuing education offerings for professionals, UWI/CERMES will lead the way for the region in utilizing the latest data collection and analysis techniques to inform policy and address the many climate adaptation challenges facing the Caribbean region.

Online Information Session: HED is organizing an online information session on December 12, 2011, from 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST with representatives from the United States Agency for International Development Barbados, U. S. Department of State and UWI/CERMES. Interested applicants will have an opportunity to submit questions concerning this RFA during the online information session, but are strongly encouraged to send questions in advance to Brooks Marmon at
Please visit the HED website for the complete RFA.

NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program (I/UCRC)

The National Science Foundation has announced the new Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers program, or I/UCRC.  The number of proposals per institution is not limited as long as each one involves different disciplines and different industries.  The program is designed to develop long-term partnerships among industry, academe, and government. The centers are catalyzed by a small investment from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and are primarily supported by industry center members, with NSF taking a supporting role in the development and evolution of the center. 
Two kinds of awards:
Planning Grants
Full Center Proposals
Award amounts and requirements are tiered according to whether the proposal is a planning grant, a Phase I First Five-Year Center Award, a Phase II Second Five-year Center Award, or a Phase III Third Five-Year Center Award.
Two deadlines are posted for both letters of intent and for proposals:
Letters of intent: January 2 and June 29, 2012
Proposals: March 6 and September 28, 2012
For complete information, see the NSF program solicitation: 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Susanna Lee from History presenting a paper on the Civil War at Duke, December 2

Another note from TISS, this one featuring CHASS's Susanna Lee, assistant professor of history! Please look into attending! 

Research Triangle Seminar Series on the History of Military, War and Society

invites you to attend

Friday, 2 December 2011

4:00 - 6:00 pm - Duke University
East Campus - Carr Building 114 Campus Drive - Room 229 

Susanna Lee (North Carolina State University)

The Antithesis of Union Men and Confederate Rebels: 
Loyal Citizenship in the Post-Civil War South

Call for Papers: Student Association on Terrorism and Security Analysis (SATSA) at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University (Applies to Facuty and Students)

I received this from the Triangle Institute for Security Studies. Please note that funding will be made available for travel to the conference for selected papers.

The Student Association on Terrorism and Security Analysis (SATSA) at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University will be hosting its 8th Annual Conference on National and International Security in March 2012, in association with the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) and the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs.  In preparation for the conference, we are soliciting universities, think-tanks, and research institutes from around the world to submit papers for consideration to be presented at the conference and published in the Journal on Terrorism and Security Analysis, which is published by SATSA.  SATSA will reimburse the travel and hotel expenses of those selected to present at the conference.
We would appreciate you disseminating our Call for Papers, also available on our website here: We welcome submissions from graduate students, law students, faculty, and practitioners.  The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2012.
Please feel free to contact me if you any questions concerning the conference or journal.
Thomas Schafbuch
Editor-in-Chief, Journal on Terrorism and Security Analysis
MPA Candidate, Class of 2012 – Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
JD Candidate, Class of 2012 – College of Law
Syracuse University

Call for Papers: Social Risks and the Role of the State

Call for Papers: Social Risks and the Role of the State

In 2012, the 8th Transatlantic Dialogue will take place on 6–9 June at the Radboud University Nijmegen ( This conference, organized jointly by European and American networks of scholars in public administration (EGPA and ASPA), aims to strengthen cooperation between European and American academics.  The theme of the 8th Transatlantic Dialogue is ‘Transitions in Governance’. The conference hosts six workshops on major themes in this significant development. One of the workshops will be on:

Social risks and the role of the state

Over the past century, dealing with social risks has become one of the prime tasks of government. What were formerly seen as strictly private and random misfortunes (death, illness, unhappiness) are now seen as calculable risks that the state is at least partly responsible for. All advanced welfare states have recognized – to different degrees and in different ways – the social right to protection against the risks of unemployment, disability, disease, homelessness and old age. Social policy is essentially the governance of such risks. Institutional arrangements have been developed accordingly.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

AEJMC Best Journalism History Book: Call for Entries

Call for Entries

The History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication is soliciting entries for its award for the best journalism and mass communication history book of 2011. The award is given annually, and the winning author will receive a plaque and a cash prize at the August 2012 AEJMC conference in Chicago. The competition is open to any author of a relevant history book regardless of whether he or she belongs to AEJMC or the History Division.
Authorship is defined as the person or persons who wrote the book, not just edited it. Only those books with a 2011 copyright date will be accepted. Compilations, anthologies, articles, and monographs will be excluded because they qualify for the Covert Award, another AEJMC History Division competition. Entries must be postmarked no later than February 3, 2012.

Submit four copies of each book — along with the author’s mailing address, telephone number, and email address — to: John P. Ferré, AEJMC History Book Award Chair, Department of Communication, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292. Contact Dr. Ferré at (502) 852-2237 or with any questions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gerda Henkel Prize for outstanding research in the historical humanities

The Gerda Henkel Foundation has announced the every-other-year Gerda Henkel Prize for outstanding research in the historical humanities.  Among the eligible disciplines are archeology, art history, historic Islamic studies, history, legal history, prehistory and early history.  Nominations will also be accepted for conflict prevention and a special program, "Islam, the modern nation state and transnational movements."
Award amount:  100,000 Euros
Deadline:  January 31, 2012.
For more information, see .  A letter of invitation to NC State University and three copies of the printed call for nominations are also available on request.

NSF: Methodology, Measurement and Statistics (MMS) funding announcement

This program might be an incentive to partner with the Economics Department in the College of Management, and with the Statistics Department. There may be folks in psychology that may find this particularly interesting. Please let us know if you are considering an application.

Available Formats:

Document Number: nsf12510

Brownbag on Faculty Consulting

Colleagues, I recommend that you consider attending this brownbag on external consulting if you are engaged in outside activity. This session will address many questions people have posed about the university's rules about outside consulting.


The Office of General Counsel and the Office of the Provost are sponsoring a brownbag discussion session on December 2 from 12:00-1:30 pm in room 129 1911 Building on "Avoiding Conflict over Faculty Consulting."  The presenter is Judy Curry, Associate General Counsel, NC State Office of General Counsel.  A flier with additional information about the session is attached.

If you are able to attend, please register at the URL below so we will know to expect you.  Feel free to bring your lunch; drinks and dessert will be provided.

If you have questions about the session, please contact Judy Curry at 515-2696 or

Also invited are the Academic Department Heads.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DISCCRS VII Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium (Funding for Travel Included!)

Folks, please share with junior faculty, because this comes with funding!

Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium
October 13-20, 2012
La Foret Conference and Retreat Center
Colorado Springs, CO

Application Deadline: February 29, 2012
Participation limited to 30 early-career Ph.D. scholars
Airfare and on-site expenses are supported through grants from NSF and NASA

As our understanding of climate change and its far-reaching ramifications continues to grow, it is imperative for climate change researchers to form strong collaborative bonds that reach across disciplines and other boundaries. Every year the DISsertations initiative for the advancement of Climate Change ReSearch (DISCCRS, pronounced discourse) hosts a symposium for early-career climate change researchers. Our goal is to catalyze international, interdisciplinary collaboration while laying the foundation for dynamic, communicative collegial networks that are better-equipped to understand and respond to the myriad challenges posed by climate change.

During the week-long symposium, the 30 invited DISCCRS Scholars will have the opportunity to present their research, hone interdisciplinary communication and teambuilding skills, and discuss emerging research and trends. Scholars will also have the chance to talk about the societal and professional challenges involved in climate change research, with each other and with established researchers invited to serve as mentors.

Call for Proposals: Kauffman Firm Survey Data Extension - Data Matching

Deadline: January 15, 2012

As the Kauffman Foundation nears the completion of its eight-year panel study
on new firms in the United States, the Kauffman Firm Survey
(KFS) <>, they are seeking interested scholars who would
like to extend the core survey data in ways that do not increase the burden on
survey respondents.    

While more than 6,000 variables are included in the confidential version of the
KFS microdata, the Kauffman Foundation recognizes that additional opportunities
for research become available by incorporating new sources of data to leverage
the existing KFS survey information. Through this grant program they hope to
accomplish the following:

*   Expand the community of experts involved with the KFS to include scholars
with expertise in natural language processing, web scraping, and related
*   Create reusable infrastructure;  and
*   Use the prototype/demo infrastructure to evaluate the effectiveness of the
approach (missingness, accuracy, utility) to expand their understanding of
different approaches for matching to existing data sets.

Multiple projects are likely to be funded with individual project budgets up to
$50,000 being preferred.

Note, the restricted KFS data will be available to qualified researchers on
approved projects through the secure Census Bureau Research Data Center

Full details on this call for proposals are available on the Kauffman
Foundation website<>.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chancellor's Innovation Fund (CIF): Announcement from Billy Houghteling

Colleagues, this may not be relevant to most of us in CHASS, but many folks here are working on ideas that do engage the creation of commercializable intellectual property. If you fall into that category, please consider this very carefully.

Springboard and the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) are excited to announce that the Chancellor's Innovation Fund (CIF) is now accepting proposals for the 2012 funding cycle. Established by Chancellor Randy Woodson in 2010, the fund serves as a development resource to assist faculty, staff, and students with additional proof-of-concept research or technology/product development needed to strengthen the commercial potential of unlicensed intellectual property disclosed to the OTT. The CIF's primary objective is to support short-term (one year or less) projects that will enhance the commercial value of NC State's intellectual property assets.

CIF support is designed to provide an individual technology portfolio up to a maximum of $75,000 in funding. Undergraduate student projects are eligible to receive a maximum of $25,000 in funding. Awarded funds are to be used to reduce inventions to practice, provide critical additional data, conduct market research, or develop prototypes - all activities that will make the technology more marketable. Anticipated outcomes include the licensing of inventions to an existing company or the launch of a new NC State startup company.

The submission deadline for proposals is February 17, 2012. The associated invention disclosure form must be received on or before December 16, 2011 (failure to submit an invention disclosure by this deadline will result in an ineligible proposal). A total of $350,000 is available in fiscal year 2012 and we anticipate making approximately six (6) awards during this funding cycle. For additional details related to eligibility, proposal process, criteria, and submission, please visit


Billy Houghteling
Executive Director
Office of Technology Transfer

NSF Smart Health and Wellbeing Program Announcement

This should be of interest to people working on health and wellbeing issues; given the nature of several of the proposals for the Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Program (the "cluster hires"), there should be some interest in this announcement in the college.

Available Formats:

Document Number: nsf12512

This is an NSF Program Announcements and Information item.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Newberry Library: Newberry Long-Term Fellowship applications, Due December 12

The Newberry Library is accepting Newberrry Long-Term Fellowship applications until December 12.  Fellowship topics include American history, late medieval and early modern history and literature; American Indian studies; and humanities.  Stipends are $4,200 per month; applicants must specify how many months they plan to be in residence. 

For more information, see The Newberry website, where this fellowship and eight other award opportunities are available:

For more information on other individual faculty award programs, see

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Information Session on Fulbright Programs for Faculty

Tuesday, November 8th

9:00 - 10:30 AM: Information Session on Fulbright Programs for Faculty

Location: South Gallery, Ballroom, Second Floor, Talley Student Center, *Breakfast will be served

Information Session on Fulbright Programs for Faculty will feature Maria Bettua, Assistant Director, International Institute of Education, Council for International Exchange of Scholars. This program is intended for faculty members who are interested in learning more about opportunities for Fulbright fellowships and alumni of the Fulbright programs who are interested in meeting other former or prospective Fulbrighters.

Sponsored by Office of the Provost, Office of International Affairs, NC State University, and The North Carolina Fulbright Association

For more information, contact: Betsy Brown, Office of the Provost (513-7741; or Ruie Pritchard, Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction, & Counselor Education, College of Education and President, NC Fulbright Association (515-1784;

Monday, October 31, 2011

Recent Funding Opportunities from Community of Science

Here are some new funding opportunities from Community of Science. Please let us know if you are interested in pursuing any of these.


America's Media Makers: Development Grants
Sponsor: National Foundation for the Arts and the Humanities; National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Division of Public Programs
MacArthur Foundation, John D. and Catherine T.
Digital Media and Learning Competition
Deadline: Nov 28, 2011


Law & Social Sciences (LSS) - NSF 12-507
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE)
Division of Social and Economic Sciences (SES)


Final Lunch Workshop on Research Funding in the Social Sciences

The CHASS Research Office will be holding the last if its lunchtime mini-workshops on Wednesday, November 2, Noon to 1:30 pm, Withers 331

CHASS  faculty are invited to discuss how to seek funding for research and scholarship. Lunch will provided for first 15 to RSVP by Wednesday morning,  November 2, to

Scheduled panelists: Mary Tschirhart, Nora Haenn, Denis Gray

All faculty are cordially invited, including NTT faculty, and you are certainly welcome to join us if you attended a prior workshop. Please share this information widely among your colleagues.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dissertation Fellowship Funding: Center for Retirement Research

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College announces the 2012 Dissertation Fellowship Program for research on retirement income and disability insurance issues.  

The program, funded by the U.S. Social Security Administration:
  • Supports doctoral candidates writing dissertations on retirement income and disability insurance issues. The program is open to scholars in all academic disciplines.

  • Awards up to seven fellowships of $28,000.
  • Requires proposals be submitted by Friday, January 27, 2012. Proposal guidelines can be found at the Dissertation Fellowship website.
For questions, please contact:
Marina Tsiknis
Center for Retirement Research at Boston College
258 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
phone: (617) 552-1762
fax: (617) 552-0191

REMINDER: Lunch Workshop on Research Funding for Junior and New Faculty

Reminder: CHASS Research Lunch Workshop: Funding for New and Junior Faculty
October 27, Noon to 1:30 pm, Withers 331

New and junior faculty in CHASS are invited to discuss how to seek funding for research and scholarship. Lunch provided for first 15 to RSVP by Tuesday, October 25!

Scheduled panelists: Martha Crowley, Shevaun Neupert, Branda Nowell

Please share this announcement with your colleagues and encourage your new and junior faculty to attend. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

DARPA BAA on "Narrative Networks"

DARPA has announced a BAA for this program at

This may be of particular interest to psychologists, although the project is interdisciplinary. Let us know if you are interested in applying for this funding.

NCSU Libraries' Assistance with Data Mangement

As you know, federal funding agencies such as NSF and NEH are requiring that proposals include data management plans. The NCSU libraries are providing excellent help in ensuring that your proposals include the appropriate plans. Details can be found at these links from SPARCS and the libraries:

Folger Library Talk on Data-Mining Shakespeare

Since we are a member of the Folger institute, it's worth noting interesting events like these, in the chance that you might be in Washington DC or wish to visit there next week.

Folger Shakespeare Library Director
on Data-Mining Shakespeare
Wednesday, October 26, 7pm
Othello is a Shakespearean tragedy: when the hero makes a terrible mistake of judgment, his once promising world is led into ruin. Computer analysis of the play’s text, however, suggests that the play is a comedy or, at least, that it does the same things with words that comedies usually do.
Are we now at the point where computers and humans really “see” the same thing in literary texts? Hear Folger Director Michael Witmore talk about what it’s like to “data-mine” Shakespeare’s plays, a process that ultimately demonstrates the complexity and power of human judgments about literary texts.
RSVP online today to reserve your seat.

Data-Mining Shakespeare is presented as a complement to Folger Theatre’s production of Othello, which has been extended through December 4.
Learn more about the production and purchase tickets at

NCSU Internationalization Seed Grants

This note was distributed to all CHASS faculty today, but I repost it here for your information and reference. The original note contained two attachments; please see your mail for the original note or contact Chantell at the address below.

Internationalization Seed Grants are designed to assist NC State University faculty members to carry out research and other scholarly professional activities that address international topics and enhance the internationalization of the University.  The University Standing Committee on International Programs (CIP) oversees the review and award process for these grants.  Awards are intended to serve as seed money leading to follow-up support obtained from outside granting agencies.

Seed Grants being awarded for the 2011-12 Fiscal Year, will provide a maximum of $5,000 for any single award.  We anticipate that funds will be available January 7, 2011-June 30, 2012.  Applicants should be aware that, in recent years, award funds have not always been provided on January 7, due to budget uncertainties.  Applicant’s salary is not allowed, but international scholarly expenditures, including travel, may be funded.

The application deadline for the award is November 28, 2011 (4 p.m.)

                        Announcement:                         October 4, 2011

                        Application Deadline:                November 28, 2011

                        Announcement of Awards:        December 20, 2011

                        Funds Available:                       January 7, 2012

The completed proposal package is due electronically on or before November 28, 2011 (4 p.m.).   Direct completed materials and any questions to: Chantell LaPan at  or 919.515.1574.

Monday, October 17, 2011

NSF workshops on Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM (TUES)

Four interactive NSF workshops on Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM (TUES), NSF 10-544, are planned at NC State October 20 to November 8th, made possible by the NC State Office of Faculty Development and the Office of Research Development.  The workshops are free, but registration is required.  For more information and to register, see the attached TUES flyer.

For more information on the TUES program, formerly titled Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement, see the NSF program solicitation and revisions at .

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting, February 1-4, 2012

The following may be of interest to faculty and students with interests in environmental science, politics, and societal issues related to the environment

The Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting will take place February 1-4,
2012, on Jekyll Island, GA (USA). This ground breaking meeting will
highlight marine turtle research that is occurring in the southeastern
United States, specifically from Virginia through Texas. Regardless of
where you live or your background, you are encouraged to attend as you
are sure to walk away with a greater insight into one of the most
important marine turtle habitats in the world. This is a great
opportunity for students to network and learn!

Monday, October 10, 2011


The CHASS Research Office is pleased to announce the availability of funding for CHASS research activities in three broad programmatic areas:

  • Pilot studies and proof of concept awards
  • International initiatives
  • Scholarly project funding for the humanities

Proposals for these opportunities are due to the CHASS Research Office by 9:00 am on Monday, October 31.

We are also providing some funding for CHASS researchers to travel to visit funding program officers or collaborators to help prepare grant proposals that would be submitted in the next year. There is no deadline for these funds. but requests should be submitted as soon as possible so that funds are committed well before travel and FY 2011-12 closeout.

Information on these programs can be found at or by clicking the link marked "Funding Opportunities (INCLUDING NEW SRA AND PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT CALLS)" on the right hand side of this page under "important links."

Please share this announcement among your colleagues in your CHASS departments.

Lunch Workshop for Humanities Scholars October 17: Mark Your Calendar

The CHASS Research Office will be holding the first of three lunchtime mini-workshops on Wednesday, October 19, Noon to 1:30 pm, Withers 331

CHASS humanities faculty are invited to discuss how to seek funding for research and scholarship. Lunch will provided for first 15 to RSVP by Monday, October 17!

Scheduled panelists: Robin Dodsworth, Tim Stinson, Walt Wolfram

Also, mark your calendars for the two other lunch workshops this fall:

Funding for Social Science Research -- November 2
Funding for New and Junior Faculty -- October 27

While the workshops will be tailored to the interests of the indicated faculty, all faculty are welcome to attend any and all of these sessions.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DEADLINE OCT 15: National Humanities Center Fellowships: natural sciences, social sciences, the arts also eligible


Please note that the National Humanities Center is continuing to accept applications for their program through October 15. As noted, the definition of "social sciences" is quite broad, which is why I am sharing this with all of you. I will also post this on the CHASS blog.

NCSU is a dues-paying member of the NHC, so we strongly urge faculty whose interests align with the Center to apply for these fellowships. As usual, my office is ready to assist in any way in your colleagues' applications.


From: Carol Linelle Ashcraft <>

The National Humanities Center Fellowships program is still accepting applications up until October 15.  The residential fellowships support 40 fellows in advanced study in the humanities during the academic year, September 2012 through May 2013.  In addition to scholars from all fields of the humanities, the Center accepts individuals from the natural and social sciences, the arts, the professions, and public life who are engaged in humanistic projects.

General information, Instructions, the Application Form and the Financial Form are available at:

For other faculty award programs, see the Research Development Office's Faculty Award Programs table at .