Monday, January 30, 2017

R. L. Rabb Science and Society Symposia—Call for Proposals

R. L. Rabb Science and Society Symposia are based on the premise that technological
innovations from the natural sciences are likely to have the most positive effects on society and the environment when their development into products is evaluated and guided by diverse, well informed, members of society.

Dr. R. L. (Bob) Rabb, was a professor of entomology at NCSU and a pioneer in developing ecologically sound approaches for managing insect pests, well before Rachel Carson raised public awareness of the need for such approaches. Dr. Rabb took a broad and critical view of the scientific enterprise and its relevance to the quality of life on Earth. He nurtured a spirit of cooperation at NCSU and in the broader entomological community. Hence, it is fitting that the endowment developed in his honor is focused on the interfaces between science, technology and society.

The endowment provides funding for symposia at NCSU that will elevate appreciation within and outside the academic community for the ways in which interactions among natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities can foster flourishing societies and sustainability of all forms of life.

All areas of basic and applied research that may affect life on Earth are appropriate for these programs. Symposia may focus on specific scientific or technological innovations, compare different approaches for addressing critical problems facing society, or focus on how the confluence of multiple technologies within a societal context could affect our future. Proposals must come from NCSU faculty and symposia must demonstrate how knowledge and insights from the natural/social sciences and humanities will be integrated. Symposia should have significant time devoted to audience discussion and can, when appropriate, have a workshop style.

Proposals will be judged by a panel of reviewers representing diverse academic fields at NCSU. When appropriate, ad hoc reviewers with specific expertise will be included in the review process. A rubric of desired attributes will guide proposal evaluation. Our expectation is to fund 1-2 proposals per year at $3,000 to $10,000 per project.

For more information, contact

The first round of proposals are due April 3rd 2017.

Proposals must include:
1. Up to three pages of narrative (single spaced) describing the need for the symposium and the expected outcomes.
2. A description of the symposium program, including a) names and brief resumes of the main participants, b) targeted audience, c) approximate number of attendees, c) how the symposium
will be advertised, d) registration fees if applicable, and e) any prospects for co-funding.
3. An itemized budget and budget justification

Proposals in pdf format should be emailed to