Friday, September 1, 2017

New Funding Opportunities

Non-Laboratory Scholarship/Research Support Program (NSRP)

As a reminder, applications for the NSRP internal seed funding program are due on Thursday 9/7 by 5:00 pmThey should be submitted through InfoReady Review.

Limited Submission Announcements

These programs are those that limit the number of applications that the university can submit. If you are interested in applying to one of these programs, please visit the "Notification of Interest" link and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Only those who fill out the form by the deadline will be eligible to participate in internal competitions. To view the Limited Submission Calendar, go here

The Division of Astronomical Sciences has established a mid-scale program to support a variety of astronomical activities within a cost range up to $30M. This program will be formally divided into four subcategories: 1) limited term, self-contained science projects; 2) longer term mid-scale facilities; 3) development investments for future mid-scale and large-scale projects; and 4) community open access capabilities. The MSIP will emphasize both strong scientific merit and a well-developed plan for student training and involvement of a diverse workforce in instrumentation, facility development, or data management.
Limit: 3 per organization, as leadInternal due date: Notification of Interest: 9/14/17Agency due date: Preliminary Proposal: 11/20/17, Full Proposal (invite only): 4/6/18

 This program is soliciting proposals for a NSF INCLUDES Coordination Hub that will drive and support the work of the NSF INCLUDES National Network over the life-cycle of the initiative by: (a) promoting the NSF INCLUDES guiding vision and strategy; (b) developing a collaborative infrastructure to support the activities of the various entities partnering in the NSF INCLUDES National Network; (c) fostering progress among Network partners toward shared models, measurement practices, and evaluation criteria; (d) communicating the discoveries of and generating enthusiasm for the NSF INCLUDES National Network; and (e) advancing the expansion and scale of the NSF INCLUDES National Network by connecting expertise from multiple sectors and other private and public funders.
Limit: 1 per organization, as leadInternal due date: Notification of Interest: 9/14/17Agency due date: Full Proposal: 11/27/17

Other upcoming limited submission deadlines: 
Blavatnik National AwardsNotification of Interest: 9/7/17

Non-Limited Funding Opportunities

IUSE: EHR also seeks to support projects that have high potential for broader societal impacts, including improved diversity of students and instructors participating in STEM education, professional development for instructors to ensure adoption of new and effective pedagogical techniques that meet the changing needs of students, and projects that promote institutional partnerships for collaborative research and development. IUSE: EHR especially welcomes proposals that will pair well with the efforts of NSF INCLUDES ( to develop STEM talent from all sectors and groups in our society. Collaborations are encouraged between IUSE proposals and existing INCLUDES projects, provided the collaboration strengthens both projects.
Agency due date: Full Proposal: 12/12/17